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Harmony CBD: Buyer’s Guide

Which CBD e-liquid is right for me?

If you are new to CBD e-liquids, there is no better brand to start with than Harmony. With over ten years of experience, Harmony is one of Europe’s leading CBD product manufacturers and distributors. Based in Barcelona, Paris, London, and Lima, Harmony aims to work with world-leading scientists, entrepreneurs, and activists to make high-quality CBD products affordable and accessible worldwide.

All products sold by Harmony contain 0% THC, and they are known to manufacture some of the best quality CBD vape e-liquids in the industry. Available in different tastes and flavours, the products are suitable for different needs and preferences.

What to expect from Harmony’s e-liquid range?

Harmony keeps the authentic terpenes taste in all their flavoured e-liquids. The hemp plants used to create all their products are grown on EU certified organic hemp farms.

They contain no nicotine, alcohol, or animal extract, and to make things better, they can be used in every universal e-cigarette.

At CBDSense, we stock seven different Harmony e-liquids. They are available in 10ml bottles in three different CBD strength (100mg CBD at £8.61, 300mg CBD at £17.24, and 600mg CBD at £25.87).

Here are the detailed specifications:

Ready to see what kind of exciting and innovative flavours they have in store for us? Let’s get started!

Harmony e-liquid, Classic Hemp

This classic hemp e-liquids have a nice, light yet nutty flavour with an earthy and smooth finish. This authentic-tasting e-liquid is ideal for those who are just starting with CBD or vaping.

Product image of Harmony E-liquid 300mg CBD - Classic Hemp (10ml)
Product image of Harmony E-liquid 300mg CBD - O.G. Kush (10ml)

Harmony E-liquid, O.G. Kush

Another classic taste. With authentic and earthy flavour and high concentration of terpene linalool, this flavour is ideal for those who enjoy the strong CBD flavour. We recommend O.G. Kush for those who have a little more experience with CBD vapes.

Harmony E-liquid, Lemon Haze

Citrusy and Zingy!

Lemon Haze is a multi-award-winning flavour. Originated in Amsterdam, it is known as a “strain royalty”. It has an intense aroma with a zingy flavour and fresh lemon scent.

Product image of Harmony E-liquid 600mg CBD - Lemon Haze (10ml)
A bottle of Harmony E-liquid 100mg CBD - Base (10ml) with the words pure base e-liquid.

Harmony E-liquid, Pure Base

Pure Base can be mixed with any of your favourite e-liquid flavours for an added CBD boost. Note that this is purely made to be mixed with other e-liquids and should not be vaped on its own.

If unsure about the correct dose, we recommend starting with 2-3 drops of a 10ml e-liquid. If preferred, the dose can be increased gradually.

Harmony E-liquid, Mint

Cool and Refreshing!

Mint Hemp E-liquid is the best option for those who prefer a fresh and natural minty flavour. With a hint of sweetness, this mint e-liquid is said to taste much like Mojito. Now, doesn’t it sound refreshing?

Product image of Harmony E-liquid 600mg CBD - Mint (10ml)
A bottle of Harmony E-liquid 100mg CBD - Strawberry (10ml) next to a box.

Harmony E-liquid, Strawberry

Deliciously juicy and sweet!

Fan of fruity flavours? This strawberry flavoured e-liquid is delicious and perfect for those who prefer the sweet, tangy, and fruity taste.

Harmony E-liquid, Mango Kush

Mango Kush primarily tastes and smells of mangoes with undertones of other tropical fruits such as pineapple, banana, apple, and woody pine.

It has a sweet and musky aroma, a playful flavour for those who prefer a more adventurous flavour.

A bottle of Harmony E-liquid 100mg CBD - Strawberry (10ml) next to a box.
A box of Harmony CBD Crystals (99% Pure CBD).

Harmony’s CBD Crystals (99% Pure CBD)

Those who are new to CBD may be wondering what CBD crystals are. They are tiny solid crystals manufactured by extracting compounds and substances from the hemp plants.

CBD crystals have a broad spectrum of uses. You can dissolve them under your tongue, grind them into powder add them to edibles or e-liquids, or even mixed with cream and lotions.

Find out how to use the CBD crystals to make your own favourite e-liquid:

Harmony is an innovative company with a genuine aim to produce and deliver high-quality, affordable, and health-minded CBD products all around Europe. The brand uses a scientific approach towards creating the best quality CBD products, and with such a diverse range of products and flavours, Harmony won’t fail to impress!

Are you ready to give them a try? Why not browse the Harmony CBD e-liquid ranges we stock? You might just find your next favourite flavour!

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